Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Post

OK, I'm sick of seeing that same post at the top of my blog! I've been trying to write something over the last few days, but I'm never sure what to say. I think the miscarriage is just about over now. It's been a rough week. I'm doing much better than I was. I had about four days of cramps--Tuesday was the hardest because I forgot to bring my ibuprofen to work, and no one else had any! We got a very nice sympathy card from the PPVI, signed by everyone, which was very touching. Emotionally, I'm doing better, too. I was terribly sad and also had a few mini-anxiety attacks (not full-blown, but not fun, either), but my mood is much better now than it was a few days ago. I'll write something "deeper" sometime soon, but just thought I'd update for now!

And thank you for the prayers and wonderful comments--they are a great comfort!

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allyouwhohope said...

Glad to hear you're doing a little better. And how nice of PPVI. I hope the worst is over with the pain.


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