Monday, January 7, 2008

Waiting . . .

Well, I calmed down. And I didn't cry at the doctor's office, either. :) I actually love my doctor's office. Today, there was a little nativity scene on the counter with a crayoned sign (made, I assume, by one of the doctor's kids) below it saying "Pray the Rosary daily." I love that it doesn't feel cold and sterile (sterile in atmosphere, that is--it is clean!).

But the results won't be back until tomorrow--or maybe the next day! Must distract myself.

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LifeHopes said...

ummm... I am nervous and excited for you! (okay gotta be excited for somebody right now so can I be super excited for you??!!!!)

Please post an update because I could use some really good news right now!

Hoping for the best ...


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