Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We froze 28 breakfast burritos yesterday! Oh my gosh, that was a big job! It worked out fairly well, but I bought whole wheat tortillas, and the only ones I could find were tiny. So we have teeny little breakfast burritos . . . which are fine for me, since I usually don't eat breakfast (one of the points of the Great Breakfast Burrito Experiment is to have something substantial that I can grab and eat). I had one this morning, and it was pretty good.

Other than that . . . things are pretty good. I had my peak+7 blood draw today. I'm going to be out of town on peak+16 (if there should be such a thing), so I'm packing my progesterone, needles, and addresses of nearby labs, just in case. Of course, this is the first chance since the miscarriage, so I'm not counting on anything. And no letrozole this cycle. I was really surprised by that. I felt kind of like a whiny kid--"Whyt can't I have the letrozole? Please can I have the letrozole?" It's mocking me in its little medicine bottle on my nightstand (I had the prescription filled back in January because, if I hadn't been pregnant, I would have needed it for that cycle).

The latest opera is over, things are good at work, the anxiety is still there but at a manageable level, so things are pretty OK.

Oh! And--I can't believe I didn't mention this sooner--Mr. X finished removing the paint from our fireplace, and we hung up towel bars in the remodeled bathroom last weekend. I'm so unreasonably excited about those accomplishments! And Mr. X gave me a new pocket digital camera for Valentine's Day, so I may try to post some actual pictures. Can you imagine? Pictures on this very plain blog . . .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back again

So, I'm finally doing the meme that All You Who Hope tagged me for . . . it only took me how long?

Rules of the meme:
1. Post these rules of the game first.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names. Then the tagger goes to the blogs of those who have been tagged & leaves a comment letting new players know they’ve been tagged. The tagger asks them to find the meme and instructions back at his/her blog.

What I was doing 10 years ago: Hmm . . . I was in grad school 10 years ago. Oh my gosh, am I that old?

Five things on my To Do List today:
1. Make an appointment for a blood draw (check)
2. Make a huge batch of breakfast burritos (working on it)
3. Call a friend I've been meaning to call for a long time (check)
4. Work (check)
5. Hmm . . . take my vitamins (well . . . I took more than half!)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. I would donate tons of money to PPVI so they could conduct research wherever there's a need (OK, I stole that one from All You Who Hope because it's really good!)
2. Donate money to good causes (like the local seminary, pro-life causes, etc.)
3. Pay off all debt for everyone in our family
4. Travel the world
5. Try to be a singer/actor for real (and work on my dancing, too, but who are we kidding, here? I'll never be a real dancer :-> )

Three of my bad habits:
1. procrastination
2. tardiness (hmm . . . maybe those two are related)
3. spending too much time online

Five places I have lived (OK, since I'm trying to be anonymous, I decided to go with actual homes rather than cities):
1. My parents' house
2. Dorm room (three different dorm rooms, with four different roommates--two of whom were great, two of whom gave me lots of good stories to tell)
3. My own teeny apartment (three times)
4. Cool two-bedroom apartment with a roommate (twice--one great roommate, one crummy roommate who gave me lots of stories to tell)
5. Our current house

Five jobs I’ve had:
1. babysitter for a kid who locked me out of the house on the first day
2. engineering intern
3. drugstore cashier
4. coach
5. singer

Five people I want to know more about: Hmm . . . I think I'm about the last one I know to do this . . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving right along . . .

Well, things are getting better. The anxiety was pretty much better by last Friday--I still feel anxious every once in a while (mornings mostly), but it's manageable. I think it's getting better as I cross more tasks off of my overwhelming "to do" list, too. Thank you for the support!

I had a great appointment with the doctor on Friday. They scheduled me for a whole hour. Can you believe it? The doctor's office called me to come in and consult with the doctor for an hour. I don't think I've ever had a whole hour with any other doctor ever. We went over my charts, I talked about the anxiety, and we talked about possible treatments going forward.

I'm swamped with work, the opera, and other stuff, but I'm going to try to do the memes that allyouwhohope and Jen tagged me for next!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More of the same

Well, I slept better last night. I've been anxious all day, though. It's the pits. I sat in my office trying not to cry. I really wish my husband wasn't out of town.

I found out my hormone levels for the month today. My progesterone was above 20, so that's much better than 7 last month, but my estradiol dropped to 9.9. The doctor wants me to come in, so I've got an appointment for Friday. I told the doctor's assistant about my anxiety and my idea that it's related to my hormones. She immediately mentioned the connection between progesterone and post-partum depression and said I should talk to the doctor about it. I'm just so grateful to have medical people to work with who don't dismiss my ideas or questions. I called in to PPVI today because my period started, so I should get to talk to a nurse tomorrow, too.

Well, that's about all I've got in me today. I'm really tired and I'm hungry, but too nervous to eat! Two people have asked me if I've lost weight. I only lose weight when I'm anxious, because I have trouble eating. I finally called two friends who I thought would sympathize, but I didn't get through to either one. I hate this feeling!

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