Monday, July 9, 2012

Some news (no, not that news)

So . . . we bought a house!  I guess that's one way to go through all of our stuff--pack it up and move it across town.

Mr. X and I have been talking for almost a year about moving. We've driven around neighborhoods, pored over online listings, hemmed and hawed, and finally, last Monday, we sat down together and decided where we'd like to move--oh, you know, maybe sometime before the end of the year. We'd get the house ready to sell, take our time, be ready to jump at a great deal. Just for the heck of it, I got online and put in our new search parameters. There was a foreclosure in a really nice neighborhood, priced way below the nearby houses, and it had just come on the market.

We jumped in the car and drove by. Nice. It has the location we want, it's the smallest, worst house in a great area--it's the smart choice. So, we called up our realtor and scheduled a showing for the next day. It's government-owned, and the bid deadline was midnight on the 4th (weird). We spent ages pricing the work that's needed, prayed about it, and set our price. We got our bid in that evening, and ours was the 15th bid.

And we won! So, now we're waiting for the inspection to see if it's really going to be worth it.

So, instead of sorting everything we own, I'm about to start boxing it all up to send to storage. The new house has an unfinished basement, so once we close (presuming all goes well and we do close), we'll just move the essentials into the house, put the boxes in the basement, and I'll sort through them one at a time as I decide what deserves to make it into the living space.

It's interesting, too--last summer, after talking about it ad nauseam, we finally decided which car we wanted to buy. It was midnight on a Friday. We got on and there it was, posted half an hour before at an amazing price. It was ours by noon. Feels like Someone's looking out for us.

In other news, I'm getting ready to start another round of (took 2 months off to give my body a break). I'm also reading about spiritual warfare and related to infertility. Scary stuff.

The kids are fantastic. They're starting preschool at the Catholic school near my office next month. We are so excited about it! Sarah named her teddy bears yesterday. She's had a long history of very literal, descriptive naming (for example, Pink Bear and Big Baby). Yesterday, she announced that her favorite bear is a baby girl named Norway, and two larger bears are boys named Rocketship and Kiki. Interesting. Nick and I are working on reading this summer, and he's doing so well! He's still fascinated with horses and loves playing priest. We got a video of him after our parish had a Corpus Christi procession this year. Without any prompting or discussion from us, he pulled his hands inside his "vestments" (he insists on wearing one of Mr. X's black t-shirts with a white t-shirt on top) so that he wouldn't put his hands on the monstrance (a role he assigned to a straw hat). In a few weeks they'll turn 4 and 3. Unbelievable!

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