Friday, February 1, 2008

Public Transportation Doesn't Like Me

On another subject . . . I love singing in the opera chorus. But I live in Suburban Sprawl, and I need to get to the downtown area of The City for rehearsals. Parking downtown is pricey and can be hard to find, and I get a free rail/bus pass from work. I don't end up using it much, because there are no direct routes from my house to my office. In fact, I went to get my new pass and realized that my last one was for 2004! But I decided that it would be worth it to get a pass, drive to the nearest station, and take the train to and from rehearsal. Here's how it has gone:

First attempt: Arrive at train station several minutes before train arrives. Excellent! Walk up to the platform. On the way, realize do not have purse. Return to car. Look for purse. Purse is not in car. No purse = no rail pass. Also, no purse = no money = no parking downtown. Drive all the way home, call Mr. X, who runs out with purse, drive like maniac downtown. Find FREE parking space in front of rehearsal building, and (miraculously) arrive on time for rehearsal.

Second attempt: Arrive at train station seconds before train arrives. Run frantically up the (eternal, 45-degree angle) ramp to the platform. Miss train by five seconds. Drive downtown, following the train all the way.

Third attempt: Arrive at the train station before the train arrives. Take lovely ride on train. Review music on the way. Walk in a leisurely manner (carrying mace) to rehearsal building. Walk with nice fellow-chorus-member to station after rehearsal, chat on the ride.

Fourth attempt (tonight): Watch train arrive at station while sitting eighth in line in the left turn lane at a red light. Make U-turn. Drive downtown, following the train all the way. Find FREE parking space immediately outside stage door to the opera house.

My public transportation plan is not working out so well. But free parking is unheard-of downtown. And I have a horrible habit of being late (born of trying to fit too many things into available time) that I am trying very hard to break. I have been on time to every rehearsal! Mr X. says God is looking out for me because He knows how much I need this in my life right now. Though free parking spaces and promptness might seem like trivial examples of divine intervention, I think he's right. But I'm still going to try to catch the train tomorrow!

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