Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello again

Wow, I can't believe it's been more than two months since I've posted! Time just passes so quickly. If I don't respond to e-mail immediately, then by the time I get back to it, weeks have passed. So, before the next thing happens, here's a super quick update.

Things are going pretty well around here. Mr. X has gone back to work and even went on a week-long business trip. Our little guy is sleeping through the night (mostly) in his crib in his own room, and the baby is still cosleeping with us.

I've been wavering on what to call the kids, since I don't want to use their real names, so I'm just going to give them names that I like but can't actually use because they don't work with our last name. Their blog names are hereby Sarah and Nicholas.

So. Nicholas started walking a month ago and is getting to be really good at it. In the three months he's been home with us, he's cut eight teeth. Eight. Teeth. Two of his eyeteeth came through last night. He's working on his molars and eyeteeth simultaneously.

Sarah is four months old. About a month ago, she discovered her toes and rolled from back to front on the same day. She rolled front to back two days later. She also started teething a bit before she hit three months. I didn't think babies started teething that young, but both grandmas saw her drooling and gumming everything in sight and declared her to be teething. When both grandmas say so, there's no arguing with that. No teeth yet, though.

The kids were baptized, which was amazing. We had them baptized at mass, which our parish rarely does. Nicholas was an angel and charmed the whole congregation when he clapped along with them after the baptism. Sarah was a bit fussy because she was hungry and wearing an uncomfortable dress. By the way, the christening gowns you can buy today are slippery! The one I wore when I was baptized was a sweet, simple cotton dress (that was way too small for Sarah), but I couldn't find anything like it!

The kids are adorable and happy, and they seem to like each other, too. Sarah loves to watch Nicholas play, and she gives him some of her best smiles and giggles. Nicholas actually talks baby talk to her. Of course, with the language change, he doesn't say many words yet at all, but he babbles constantly. We can tell he's talking baby talk to Sarah because he smiles and his voice gets very high-pitched. It's so stinking cute! He is very gentle with her (most of the time) and offers her his Cheerios, which are one of his absolute favorite foods. He's doing really well with the transition, and in the last few weeks, he's been giving me lots of big hugs, calling me "mama," and even gave me a kiss for the first time.

So, I'm going to try to post again. I'm starting to get a handle on things. I have the first installment of Sarah's birth story saved on blogger, but it's so boring! I wrote it right after she was born, and it's bare bones because I was just trying to write down the facts so I would remember them. I'll try to make it a bit more interesting and then post it. We'll see how that goes!

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