Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where's the choir?

I showed up at church this morning (5 minutes late for choir!) and didn't hear any music. So, I ran down to the music room where we practice. Dark and empty. I ran back up to the church with the sinking feeling that it would be just me and the pianist today! Oops! And I didn't know one of the hymns on the schedule! I knew I'd be the cantor, but I figured we'd go over that hymn with the choir, and I wouldn't be singing alone on that anyway . . . It went fine, except for one little mistake I made in the psalm. Probably no one but the pianist would have noticed if I didn't try to change the last word (from "bless" to "day"--ended up "I will bleh--ay"--nice!). The inevitable mistake or two do tend to keep me humble, anyway. And trying to sing expressively actually makes me feel . . . I don't know, more emotional, more prayerful. Which is good! When I first started cantoring, I was so concerned about doing everything right that I didn't really experience the mass in a very reverent way.

So, this has been a riveting blog so far! Which is OK, since I'm sure no one's reading it. :) I've been sort of pacing myself, so I don't end up with nothing to say by the end of the month. But I think I should try to start getting into the "deeper" stuff tomorrow. So, for tomorrow, I'm going to start thinking about what I want to say about everyone's favorite topic . . . infertility! Yay!

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