Sunday, November 11, 2007

The House

We spent the weekend working on the house. How is it possible that we own this much crap? How?

We bought the house about six months after we got married. We did some stupid things. One stupid thing that we did was to move into our house the day before the lease ended on our apartment! Never again!! We did not get to clean the house at all before we moved in. While Mr. X worked with the movers at our old place, I drove to the new place with our dog. Movers make her nervous. She had started throwing up in the middle of the night. When the movers arrived, I took her out to my car, so that she wouldn't get more nervous.

She threw up in the car.

I cleaned the car, packed up, and drove the half-hour to the new house. I ran around, vaccuuming carpets. She threw up on the carpets. I cleaned the carpets.

That's about all we accomplished before the movers arrived.

When we moved in, things started going wrong right away. Things to do with water. Bad things.

So, we are getting ready to have new carpet put in downstairs. It has been a construction zone since we moved in. This weekend, one of our tasks was to empty the downstairs of the debris that has collected there in the I-won't-admit-how-many years since we've moved in. All I will say is that today I threw out a tiny shopping bag that contained, among other things, a half-eaten package of crackers from the day we moved in.

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