Monday, November 26, 2007

So much for NaBloPoMo!

Darn it! Well, at least NaBloPoMo made me post semi-regularly. But the combination of a business trip (what's up with a hotel charging $200 per night--group rate--for a room, and then charging extra for Internet access?), home renovation, and Thanksgiving was too much of an obstacle.

So--about 1/3 of the bricks around the fireplace are clean. We still have to remove paint from the rest, and we're going to break out the hard stuff to see if it works any better. We got the new carpet in--after staying up all night to get ready for it. We have family visiting for Thanksgiving, and we also had to get ready for painters who--get this--didn't come and didn't call! Not happy about that at all. Mr. X and I pulled two all-nighters in the same week to work on the house. Yes, we are crazy.

So, with all of that, blog posting took a backseat.

Oh, and we got rid of so much junk in the process! When we moved everything for the carpet installation, I had to unearth closets that still held unopened boxes from the move! As we put things back, we're ruthlessly getting rid of the stuff we don't need. I've made three trips to donate stuff in the last week, and since the carpet installation, we've gotten rid of another eight boxes of junk (mostly paper). Hooray!

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