Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Infertility Stuff, Part 6

So, at that point, it had been about four months since I began seeing my new doctor and we got started with the Creighton Model. I started doing the injections toward the end of my cycle and taking the thyroid hormone.

We also started talking about adoption more seriously. Even before we were engaged, we talked about wanting to adopt children, so it wasn't a big leap for us. But I started reading a whole lot online about adoption, the process, the issues, etc. I had no idea about all of the issues to be considered. So, that was going on in the background, too.

Our Creighton Model practitioner wrote a letter for us, asking Dr. Hilgers (who founded the Pope Paul VI Institute) to review my charts. After a little while (a month? six weeks? something like that), we received a response. He said that my cycles were indicative of several possible issues, including PCOS, endometriosis, and/or uterine infection, and that I should make an appointment to have a series of diagnostic ultrasounds done (starting before and continuing until after ovulation, which would determine whether I was ovulating, whether I have any ovulation defects, and several other factors related to fertility), as well as surgery that would include a diagnostic laparoscopy (to look for ovarian cysts, adhesions, endometriosis, and other problems), a hysteroscopy, and selective hysterosalpingogram (which he does in a much different way than my HMO had planned).

It would be a while before I would be able to get on the surgery schedule, but since my work schedule made it difficult to take time off for the one to two weeks needed for the ultrasound series, I was able to schedule the ultrasounds for two months out, and the surgery for six months out. I was feeling really impatient, but was glad that at least it would only be two months until I would know a little more about the ovulation part of the whole process. So, I started to get ready to spend a week or two in Omaha . . .

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