Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy All Saints Day!

All Saints Day has always been one of my favorite feast days. When I was in elementary school, the fourth-graders dressed up as saints for mass and processed in to "When the Saints Come Marching In." It was a very cool thing, and we looked forward to being fourth graders to be able to dress up. Most of us picked a saint related to our name in some way. Of course, fights broke out over some of the more "popular" saints (and the more popular names of the day) . . . and I think that's why NO ONE was allowed to be the Blessed Mother. Too many Marys in class for the teacher to pick one . . .

I used to love reading this book called 60 Saints for Girls from the school library (I checked out 60 Saints for Boys, too, but in elementary school that wasn't nearly as interesting to me). I remember, though, having an argument in second grade when we had to do reports on our patron saints, and the teacher was trying to help Jennifer come up with a saint for her name. I was so excited to tell them that my beloved 60 Saints for Girls included a Saint Jennifer! But no one believed me, and Jennifer said "I think I'd know if there was a Saint Jennifer." Anyone ever heard of a Saint Jennifer? I couldn't find the book again, and it may have just been the author's translation of another name, but I still wonder!

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