Saturday, November 3, 2007

Today and Tomorrow

The auditions actually went pretty well! They didn't ask for the hated song, thank God! And I made it to the semi-finals, though not the finals. That was OK, though. There were some fantastic singers in the semi-final, and the ones I thought would win made it to the final. I'm getting more serious about my singing after about 10 years of no voice lessons (all that stuff about school and starting a career sort of got in the way of the singing!), so it's good just to make it as far as I did. When you're just "picking up" classical singing after a 10-year break (preceded by one year of classical lessons), and one of your competitors is singing the big Queen of the Night aria (aria starts at 2:09 in the link) from The Magic Flute, it's OK not to make it to the finals.

So, tomorrow I'm driving my husband (who would like to be called Mr. X) to the airport well before the crack of dawn, and then I will come back for a couple hours' nap before cantoring at church. So, it will be an early night tonight.

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