Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Falling Down on the Job

Argh! I missed posting yesterday! I had to leave for a business trip this morning, and life did not cooperate with the whole NaBloPoMo thing. So I guess I'll have to post twice today . . . OK, I know that doesn't count, but I may do it anyway :)

The quest for paint remover continues. We've got two more to try (caustics--fun!), so we'll see how that works . . .

I think I'll continue the infertility stuff later, but now I need to get lunch and get ready for my first presentation!


Anonymous said...

Okay, ready for the next part of your infertility quest.

I did a search for the Creighton model and your blog is one that pulled up. Very fun!

I just had surgery with Dr. Gosser at St. Anthony's hospital in St. Louis yesterday for my endometriosis. He was so good, as was the rest of the staff.

It is so nice to go to practioners who want YOU to learn about your body, not just say, "Hey, we can knock you up pretty quick." I've learned so much.

Using this model they were able to verify I have pcos and treat it, along with a diet to help control it and regulate my cycles. Good luck!

andnotbysight said...


I know! I've only had one doctor before (a surgeon for something totally unrelated) who treated me like I was fully a part of the process. It's really great!

I hope you recover quickly from the surgery! Good luck to you, too!


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