Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wild Kingdom

This afternoon, we were out in the back yard. Mr. X and I were discussing the design for our new patio. I looked across the yard, and there was Wonderdog with a bird in her mouth! We got her to drop it and Mr. X disposed of it. He said she had definitely just killed it. Man, my dog is faster than I thought! I found a squirrel (well . . . half a squirrel, which is even more gross) in the yard this past fall, and we weren't sure if she had killed it or just found it. I know that she's a dog and that it's normal for her to hunt small animals, she's just usually so mellow (and getting so old now) that it really surprises me when she catches animals that are really fast. Especially when she had never caught anything before this fall--and I've had her for six years! And, given that the squirrels carry plague (they do in our town, anyway) and birds can carry West Nile, I really don't want her eating them. So, that was our little excitement for the day!

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This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Your squirrels carry PLAGUE??! What town do you live in, Middle Ages Town? Yikes, that is freaky. I have somewhat of a paranoia about rabies, so I would probably never go outside again if I lived in a place where the squirrels carried rabies AND the plague!!

Aw, I can just picture how proud your dog must have been :) She's a good ol' huntress, huh? She's just showing you that she's still got it, even at her age.


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