Friday, June 6, 2008

Definitely more ice cream

The past week has been incredibly stressful. Nothing I can talk about in specifics, but just really rough. I'm feeling much better today. Last night was the first night that I really slept well. Between the anxiety I was feeling a month or two ago and the past two weeks of not eating or sleeping well, I've definitely lost too much weight. I can now see my top ribs if I wear a v-neck shirt.

Fortunately, I think things are going to get better, work is going to slow down, and the weather is beautiful . . . which means we'll be going to our fabulous local ice cream place more often. It's a locally-owned business that makes its own ice cream, and it's ridiculously good. I've always liked trying different ice cream flavors, rather than sticking to one favorite, but at this place the black raspberry (ice cream, not sherbet) is to die for. It's even better with chocolate, or the Mexican chocolate ice cream they have. Right now, we have a quart of chocolate and a quart of black raspberry in the freezer, so I'm going to work on rectifying my anxiety-induced weight loss!

I've taken my clomid for this cycle. So far, I haven't really noticed any side effects from the clomid, which is really good. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how it might affect my cycle. We're trying to plan for the summer (travel, business trips, and all that), and trying to project my cycle based on the past few months. I really hope that the clomid doesn't change my cycle too much, or we could get stuck with a business trip at an inoportune time! Anybody know how clomid affects the time of ovulation and the length of the luteal phase and the cycle?


wanttobeamom said...

I'm sorry things have been so stressful lately! Please do eat some ice cream! I hope your stress level goes down and that you get back up to a healthy weight.

I'm not sure how clomid affects cycles, but I hope you are able to be with your hubby during all the "important" times this summer! ;)

Kathy V said...

Clomid made my cycles more "normal" in that it was almost exactly 28 days with ovulation right at 15. I was using opks to determine that. The first cycle with clomid, all was well. The second cycle I became very dry and developed ovarian cysts. Green tea helps with any dryness but get the decaf kind just in case.


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