Monday, June 23, 2008

Cycle Update

I have a couple of posts in the making, including one with LOTS of pictures of our hardwood floor installation (proving once and for all that Mr. X and I are NUTS). But I really should be working on a project right now, so I'll just give a quick update on cycle status. I appear to have escaped the really negative side effects of Clomid, which isn't terribly surprising, since I took a low dosage for only 3 days. I did have ovulation pain for more than a week, though. I had another blood draw series to test my estradiol levels, starting on CD12 and continuing every other day until P+2. Strangely, Peak was CD20, which is--I think--the latest it's ever been. I had a positive OPK on CD 16, so I'm guessing I might have ovulated before peak day. Today's P+6. My b.reasts have been sore since P+2 (really early for me) and I've been totally exhausted yesterday and today.

Here's the general goofiness, though. We started my hCG injections on P+3, and then totally forgot on P+5. I remembered when I woke up this morning, and Mr. X gave me the shot before he went to work, so it was really only about 6 hours after we normally do the shot (we've been staying up way too late these days!). Yesterday was a weird day. We worked like crazy Friday night prepping the floor, and then on Saturday, the tile guy arrived at 8am to give us an estimate on the bathroom. After that, we spent most of the day finishing the prep work (in my case, pulling the baseboard), and then started the installation at 4:00. I quit around 11:00 because I was too exhausted to do anything else. We decided not to set an alarm for Sunday morning, and I woke up at 11:45! We went to get some lunch (the kitchen was completely torn up), and then we came home, and I napped for more than two hours before Mr. X woke me up to go to mass. Today, I'm still really tired. I was just googling "Clomid and fatigue" when a nurse from PPVI called and told me that my estradiol series looked really good! Hooray! Did I remember to ask about whether Clomid causes fatigue this late in the cycle, or when my estradiol peaked (so I have a better idea of when I ovulated)? Of course not! And, of course, I am wishfully thinking that the fatigue must be a pregnancy symptom, not the result of the Clomid . . . or of doing a lot of physical work while totally out of shape! :)


Jen said...

Fatigue was seriously my only pregnancy symptom. I've got my fingers crossed.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I'm so happy about your E2 series! I have a good feeling about Clomid for you :)


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