Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Day, Another Drug

Hello again! Man, time is flying. Here's the IF update: I went to the doctor today, and he gave me another prescription! This time, it's a new antibiotic (amoxycillin) as a mucus enhancer. Fortunately, it should not have the same side effects of the old antibiotic (biaxin). The biaxin was intended to get rid of brown bleeding possibly caused by a low-grade infection (nothing nasty, just bacteria that's usually present on the skin but problematic inside the uterus). It does seem to have worked! I usually have brown bleeding now only on the last day of my period, and the doctor says that's normal. I'm having a little bit of ovulation pain off and on, but no peak day yet, and no positive OPK.

In other areas of life (What? There are other areas of life?), my promotion is official! I got the letter announcing my new title and salary yesterday. What a relief! Now we have to have a party! :)

We're also working like crazy on our house. We ordered engineered hardwood for the main living area (living room/dining room/kitchen), and Mr. X started tearing up the disgusting carpet today. This carpet looked so nice when we moved in . . . well, sort of nice, anyway . . . but that was only because the previous owner had just had it cleaned. After a couple of weeks, the stains started coming through. Now that we're tearing it out, the amount of dirt under the carpet pad is absolutely gross! I can't wait till it's gone for good! Speaking of which, I had better go and work on it. I've been working on a report for work that is kicking my butt, so I think I need to give my brain a rest!


Jen said...

Sounds like things are going well on the IF front. Congratulations on the promotion! Awesome! I hope you put up pictures of the new floor so we can admire.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Congrats on your promotion! And amoxicillin should do wonders for you, especially if you're on Clomid. I had a really great response to the Amox while on Clomid (great mucus cycles).
GL on the floors!

JellyBelly said...

congratulations on the promotion! and good luck with the floors. we had hardwood installed in our master bedroom last summer and it was nuts! it was the hardest week and a half of my life and i didn't do any work! i admire anyone that has the gumption to do home renos!


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