Saturday, June 7, 2008

Read the Label, Part II

I had my prescription for T3 refilled this week, and last night, I grabbed my nighttime dose right before we started a movie. And I read the label.

I've been taking the wrong dosage for a month!

I had been on 7.5 mcg of T3 for a long time, and then my doctor increased me to 15 mcg. When that didn't cause any problems, he increased me to 22.5 mcg (the maximum dosage in the protocol he uses). I don't know why--maybe because I told the pharmacy I still had some 15 mcg capsules left when I brought in the 22.5 mcg prescription--but it looks like refilled my old prescription for 7.5 mcg instead of the new one for 22.5 mcg. So, I finished my 15 mcg prescription, and at the beginning of May, I started taking the new prescription, and then I had it refilled this week. But I only read the label last night.

So, it turns out that instead of stepping up to the 22.5 mcg dosage, I stepped back down to the 7.5 mcg dose. This probably explains why I did not notice any difference when I accidentally took a double dose 5 hours early last week, but how annoying! Last night, I just took three pills, since they total 22.5 mcg, but this morning I forgot and just took one. And I'll have to call the pharmacy when they open on Monday and find out what the deal is!


JellyBelly said...

oops! my husband always puts out my nightly allotment of meds (there's quite a few and he's so sweet). since i'm taking so many different types of meds (asthma, colitis, all of the good baby making supplements, plus homeopathic allergy meds) i often miss stuff throughout the day.

don't worry, you're not alone!

kcmarie122 said...

Ugh! I'm sorry you only just now noticed. But at least now you can get back on track with the correct dosage! Hopefully it all gets figured out soon with the pharmacy!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Oh no!! That's a bummer... but hopefully since you've still been taking it, even if a smaller dose, it's still been having the positive effect on your thyroid system.

Does your local pharmacy carry your T3?? I've been getting my T3 and my Naltrexone from a compound pharmacy in Omaha, called Kubat. It's been a real pain to get it shipped all the time, but I just assumed that I had to do this because local pharamacies don't carry the compounds like these(??)


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