Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not much new

Not much new around here. I've been really tired. Work has been so intense for so long that I think I'm finally burned out! Fortunately, I have some down time now, so I'm planning to get some exercise, get lots of sleep, and do all of that healthy stuff (like starting to take the prenatal vitamins again).

Mr. X bravely confronted our dripping faucet and replaced the valve. I'm always amazed at how he knows how to fix these things. And we didn't have to pay a plumber! Yay!

I'm on the antibiotics again to treat the brown bleeding (the protocol is 21 days, then the first 10 days of the next 6 or so cycles), and it does bad things to me. To be fair, it does good things, too, but it messes with my digestive system and leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. And I still have pain in my thigh from my last progesterone shot--on January 8th! We think it irritated a nerve, because at first I had pain from the injection site to my lower thigh, in a curved line. Now, there's just one spot on my thigh that hurts, but, really, two months later? I just hope it goes away sometime (preferably before the next time I need progesterone shots!).

So, hmm. Pretty dull post there, but that's the update!


Jen said...

My husband has to take fish oil for his blood pressure and he says it makes his mouth taste like tuna fish all day long.

LifeHopes said...

oh I know what you mean about the antibiotics. For me, they give me both and upset stomach AND an inevitable yeast infection! Yuck!

Beth said...

Good to hear from you again :)

Jen said...

I just tagged you! Details on my blog.

Newt said...

Ouch--sorry about the injection site. Hope it goes away.

I have an LPD, too (and had an 8-day lp last cycle), and am just seeing the RE for the first time next week. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's been a big help.


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