Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christ is risen!

Well, yes, it is two days past Easter, but I can still say that! :)

I sang for the Easter Vigil and Easter morning mass. I really love the Easter Vigil. It was my first at my new parish, and it was very nice. Not that big a turnout, and I actually stayed at the back of the crowd in the vestibule instead of going all the way outside to see the fire (it was darn cold!), but it's always a beautiful mass. I love seeing the baptisms and the new members enter the church. One year, there was a little boy who took "Elmo" as his confirmation name. It was adorable. And I guess there is a St. Elmo, after all.

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter!

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Jen said...

Happy Easter!

The name Elmo is so cute for a confirmation name!


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