Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Love the Lovely Hormones

So, I've been gone for a bit here, due to a combination of busy-ness and anxiety. I've been feeling extremely anxious for the last few days--trouble sleeping, crying, general panic, that whole thing. It hasn't happened in a really long time. So I decided to figure out when it last happened. The last time was about a year and a half ago . . .

A couple of weeks before I started hCG injections.

I've had them every cycle for the last year and a half, until this past December. Then I had three big progesterone injections (actually, the dosage was high enough to require two injections for each dose) between the positive pregnancy test and the bad-news pregnancy test. I haven't had any hormone treatment for a little over two months. I had a peak+7 test for progesterone and estradiol a couple of weeks ago, and both were pretty darn low. My progesterone level was the same as it was in the cycle before starting the hCG.

It actually made things easier when I figured that out. I'm a few days away from my first hCG injection, and I figure that getting my hormones sorted out will help.

And Jen tagged me! Yay! I plan to take her up on it as soon as I'm feeling better about myself . . . which should be soon! I'm feeling much better tonight.


Jen said...

I'm sorry you aren't doing great. I will be thinking of you.

LifeHopes said...

Sorry things are difficult right now.

I hope that your spirits are lifted soon!

allyouwhohope said...

I'm praying for you to feel better. I can't wait to get my hormones tested because I have anxiety from time to time too. I just know it all has to be related.


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