Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No news is . . . no news

So, things are just going along here, which is a good thing. No big news on either baby, which is OK. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and he estimated that she's now 7 1/4 pounds (but last week, he estimated 6 1/2 pounds, so he said that shows the accuracy of weight estimates!). Mr. X and I were both healthy but relatively small babies (6 1/2 pounds-ish), so we'll see how big this baby will be!

I talked to our adoption agency last week. Their latest estimate is that we will get "the call" in mid-July. Hmm. Did I say that things are about to get interesting?

We're making some good progress around here, though. Today, Mr. X and our very nice neighbor moved a bunch of our old office furniture out of the babies' room, and Mr. X and I just finished setting up the first crib! It's actually starting to look like a babies' room!

The crib took us waaay too long to finish--we stained it, but the grain popped, so we had to sand and re-stain. Then, tonight, we got ready to fasten the first two pieces together, and we were missing a cam hole! So much for I.kea's quality control! Mr. X managed to improvise with his drill bits (which, of course, weren't metric) and drill a hole that woould work, so we now have one standing crib. And, miracle of miracles, the mattress fits!

I've started having (or, probably more accurately, noticing) contractions every now and then, which is pretty wild. A good friend of mine called today to point out that I'm about to go in to the single digits on the due date countdown. I got two big projects for work crossed off the list today--fulfilled all my obligations for the next couple of months. I still have a few more projects to go, but it feels good to have those two squared away.

I posted a ton of stuff on c.raig.slis.t last weekend (no bites on the big items yet, unfortunately), and Mr. X has loaded up the van with junk headed for Goodwill and the used bookstore. I've been trying to check off the items for our hospital packing list (bought nursing bras last week and a nursing top and pads yesterday).

We still have a ton of stuff to do, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and not a moment too soon!


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Jen said...

It is all so exciting!

It always feels good to have projects finished. I hope you are all the ones done that you are striving for.


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