Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More craziness

Argh, has it really been two weeks since I posted? Things are going all right around here. I had my 37-week appointment today. (I'm really 37 1/2 weeks, but who's counting?) Oh my goodness, that means the baby is full term now! Hooray! I had my last progesterone injection (at least until the baby's born) this weekend. The baby is doing great, and the doctor guessed she's about 6 1/2 pounds now, which is good. I've gained 38 pounds by my doctor's records. We'll have to take some pictures--we haven't documented just how huge I am yet!

I'm trying to get the basics in order by Saturday, which will be two weeks to the due date. I'll have plenty to do after that, but at least I'll feel like we'll be OK if I go into labor. So far this week, we've got our birth plan pretty much written, hired a doula (our Bradley instructor, who is great), I bought two nursing bras, we're in the process of washing some cloth diapers (we're planning on prefolds and covers, so we bought two different kinds of prefolds to see which we like better once they're washed), and we've got most of (what seems to me to be) the important stuff. We have the newborn carseat (but not the convertible yet), we have a bassinet, and we're finishing the staining of the cribs. For the rest of the week, I'm going to be working on listing a whole bunch of stuff on craigslist, getting the babies' room ready (can't believe I don't have that done yet--it still needs to be emptied and painted before we can move in the furniture), writing thank-you notes, packing for the hospital (which will include buying some pajamas and a robe, since Mr. X has noted that my robe is now too skimpy to be appropriate for the hospital), washing baby clothes, and figuring out what else we need!

We've been spending a lot more time with friends lately, which has been really nice. I know we won't have much time to spend with friends for a while after the babies arrive (especially since we'll be trying to keep things low-key for our son as he adjusts to us), so it's been fun to do that now. We've got two more parties to go to this weekend, we're going to try to have a barbecue for the friends who wrote our adoption references over the weekend of the 4th, and I'm invited to a friend's baby shower on the 12th (which is due date + 1, so we'll see about that one).

TCIE asked on the last post about the adoption stuff . . . I promise to write more about our process (I am, of course, writing down what's happening so I'll remember and so I can post about it later) once we have our little guy home. I just feel uneasy about posting too much now. But the short version is that, yes, we have been matched with a baby who is almost 11 months old. And I thought he'd be here much sooner than this. But my best guess is that we have at least two more weeks to wait . . . and, yes, we are 2 1/2 weeks from my due date right now. Things are about to get very interesting around here!


Sew said...

O.M.Gosh. 2 weeks away from both? O.M.Gosh. I feel like I am watching a movie? O.M.Gosh!

Jen said...

Ooh, this is exciting! I cannot wait! Things are about to get interesting!

Life In Mazes said...

I love it! God is so abundant in his gifts. If I lived close by, I would come paint for you and help get that nursery set up! You have the essentials taken care, it will all fall into place.
Your journey gives me so much hope! God bless you!

Fight The Good Fight of Faith said...

Wow! it's going to be a crazy busy time! Definitely rest up now! Keeping you in my prayers and praying it'll all go well!

JellyBelly said...

TWO babies!!! holy moly!!!

sending you prayers!

Anonymous said...

oh Charlotte how exciting. So close now.

love to see you on HP too


Hafsa said...

How incredibly blessed you are, you have been so patient and now you're getting ready to welcome in 2 children? Oh the graces we receive. I can't wait to hear about your adoption story.

SuzanneinAustralia said...

oops, I forgot to leave my email address it's

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