Friday, July 17, 2009

. . . Plus Six

Still waiting here! I called the doctor today to ask what induction might entail, just so I'll have a better idea of what might be ahead next week.

I'm really hoping not to need to be induced. Fortunately, the baby definitely dropped today. My mom and I were at the store and I suddenly felt like I had a lot more pressure on my bladder . . . and I blamed it on the elastic in my shorts and the can of root beer I had just finished. But when I got home, and went to the bathroom, I realized that (a) my bladder was not nearly as full as it seemed and (b) there's a bit more space up high (as in, my belly isn't actually touching my b.r.easts anymore). So, yay! Progress! Lately whenever I sit or lie down, it has felt like the baby is trying to crawl up under my ribs, so now she's moving in the right direction!

I finished the little going-home dress I made, and--are you ready for this?--here's an actual picture! (I can't remember the last time I actually posted a picture.)

It's cotton yarn, so it's actually pretty heavy, and it took forever to dry when I washed it, but I'm happy with it. The buttons are little bunnies, which is kind of hard to tell in the picture. My mom and I tried to find some ruffly white pants to go under the dress, but I haven't been able to find any! Well . . . I haven't been able to find any at a store, and the ones I've found online are about $15 or more a pair! That's crazy money! So, I found a little pair of plain white pants among the hand-me-downs we've received from friends, and those will have to do. After all, we'll basically put it on her, drive her home, and take it off again. And she might get to wear it to church once or twice before she outgrows it.

We're getting fairly close to ready on the other stuff. The babies' room is about half painted, and we have clean bassinet sheets and have washed all the newborn-sized stuff.

Beth asked about diapers, and we decided to try prefolds and diaper covers. We have some Indian and some Chinese cotton prefolds, and we have an assortment of diaper covers (Th.irsties, Bum.mis, and V.imse, some of which are hand-me-downs), so we'll see how it goes! I bought a few doublers and some wipes, and we did get a lot of disposable newborn-size diapers, which we're planning to use for the first few days. I think we'll be OK to get started.

Oh, and since I never posted it before, here is the 39-week belly shot:
Right now, I look pretty much the same, except that my belly is a tiny bit lower--considering that I'm short, there's not that much space for the baby between my hips and my ribs, so even though she's dropped, there's not much visual difference. She's pretty much had to grow straight out. It's pretty funny, though, to run errands, because everyone asks when I'm due and is a bit startled when I say "six days ago." My friends have pretty much stopped calling and e-mailing, and my doctor told me he ran into the L&D nurse I know at the hospital, and she asked him if I went to a different hospital to have the baby! Any guesses on when she'll decide to arrive?


Life In Mazes said...

The tiny dress you made is beautiful. I like the ribbon.
I have no idea when she will arrive, so I will not even try to guess, but know that prayers are going your way for a safe and healthy delivery.

a thorn in the pew said...

Probably in the middle of the night. Lol. I will pray this weekend that all goes okay and you are safe with baby. God bless.

Jen said...

I love the dress! Beautiful.

I was a week and a half overdue. She was born a day and a half before I was due to be induced.

Tridentine Wife said...

Oh I hope you don't have to be induced, but I bet you're excited to see her. I hope I'm all belly like you are :)

P.S. That dress is gorgeous!

Beth said...

I love the dress! And I love cloth diapering. I started John Paul the day we got home from the hospital and never looked back. And I love the combo of prefolds and covers - I have not once had a leak with this setup. Good luck! And remember the day you go into labor will be one of the BEST of your life!! You get to meet your sweet baby girl!!


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