Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Due Date +4 and Counting

Still here, waiting for the babies! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday--2cm dilated, 60% effaced, and the baby's still floating. People told me that having a cer.v.ix check would be "uncomfortable." But, hey, isn't every exam in that area uncomfortable? Um, yeah. Really uncomfortable, and moreso than usual for that area. I just say this so that maybe others won't be surprised!

I made an appointment for a biophysical profile for Monday, in case the baby hasn't decided to put in an appearance by then. If everything looks OK, the doctor's willing to wait until the end of next week to induce.

So, we're getting closer to "ready." The diapers have finished their last pre-wash, I'm finishing the little "going home" outfit, and the house stuff is getting done. Still no adoption news, though.

And, speaking of news, congratulations to Sew Infertile!


Jen said...

Yes, very uncomfortable.

I am excited that it won't be much longer!

SuzanneinAustralia said...

oh how exciting, you are so close, cant wait till you're little ones are here

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I've been quietly following your blog for the past 10 months, and can't believe the day is almost here!
Also, I have a few questions for you about adoption, but I feel a bit ridiculous asking them, since you have a lot going on right now. But if you are still waiting on the baby(babies), and have a minute, could you send your edress to me? I am at Thanks!

Beth said...

The cervix checks are worse than labor~!!!!

Oh you're doing cloth diapers?? I love cloth diapers!! What kind are you using?


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