Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost double digits

I went in for the biophysical profile today, and the baby came through with flying colors! She got an eight out of eight, and we got to see her on ultrasound for the first time since early March. She looks a bit squished in there, but otherwise great. And--wonder of wonders--she has hair! Most babies in my family are bald or just have a tiny bit of fuzz. But we could see her hair and her eyelashes, too!

Then I had my doctor's appointment and we talked about induction. I'm at 3cm now, so that's a bit of progress. I also said I was OK with stripping the membranes, so he did what he could. I'm so glad that I heard that would be painful in advance, because, man, did it hurt! We scheduled induction for first thing Friday morning, just in case, so I'm really hoping she decides to make an appearance before Friday morning!

I finished making a matching sun hat for the little dress, too. And my dad made it into town today, which is great.

Tonight, I dragged myself out to go for a short walk with Mr. X and Wonderdog. Thank God we went when we did! It was just starting to sprinkle when we left the house. By the time we returned, the rain had stopped and the wind had whipped up. And we could actually hear the train noise of a tornado in the distance. About 30 seconds after we came inside, it started to hail--grape-sized hail! Our bedroom window was open, and a piece of hail broke the screen and landed on the carpet. It lasted about 20 minutes, and in the end, our street was flooded, with water all the way up the sidewalks. I'm just so glad that we didn't leave the house five minutes later! (And that I didn't immediately go into labor when the storm started!)

So, that's the latest from our house. I hope we have more news soon!


mrsblondies said...

I'll be praying that she come on her own before the Friday induction. The tornado sounds scary. I'm glad you and your family are ok.

Jen said...

Let's see, my induction was scheduled for Friday morning as well. (Well, arriving at the hospital Thursday night with the show starting on Friday morning.) And Elizabeth decided that we should arrive at the hospital on Tuesday night and that she should arrive on Wednesday.

JellyBelly said...

hopefully she decides to come before friday!!

SuzanneinAustralia said...

Hopefully baby will be here very soon

Wishing you all the best for the birth


Sew said...

She isn't ready to face the world. I don't blame her! :) hahahahaha I bet you are about to bust!

Hope she comes soon. Are you going to post a picture of her?

I love the dress you made, it's darling!!!


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