Friday, May 16, 2008

Crazy week

So, this week, my husband was on a business trip, my mom came to visit, I had a series of blood draws, my dog had surgery, and I had three big meetings at work. Yikes! Fortunately, poor Wonderdog is doing much better, and it was great to have my mom here.

**Warning--gross dog medical details below**
Wonderdog is getting older, and she's developed some fatty tumor things that older dogs apparently get. We've had them checked, and they're benign. Most of them are round and pretty small, but she had one on her side the size of Mr. X's hand. It was flat, so it was kind of hard to notice at first. Well, last Thursday, Mr. X called me over and showed me that it had gotten enormous! It was like someone sliced a football in half lengthwise and attached it to her side! I brought her in to the vet on Friday morning, and it turned out that it was filled with fluid. The vet drained as much as she could and checked it out under the microscope. She sent us home with antibiotics and said that, if it didn't go back to its normal size over the weekend, I'd need to bring her in to have a drain placed in it! Obviously, it didn't go away, so we got her scheduled for Tuesday, since she had to have anaesthesia and everything. Once the vet put her under, she realized that it would be better to just remove the whole darn thing. Part of it looked really bad, so it's been sent off for a biopsy now. So, Wonderdog ended up with a 5-inch incision on her side, with two drains in it. They had to keep her overnight on Tuesday, and we've had to put a t-shirt on her and then wrap her in a training pad (the big plastic-backed paper pads they use for house-training puppies) to keep her from bleeding all over everything. If I'm not with her, she has to wear a cone on her head, too! She was really pitiful on Wednesday when I brought her home, but she's doing much better now. But it was probably one of my mom's least glamorous visits! Thank God she was here, because it would have been a bit crazy trying to get her cleaned up and bandaged alone.

**End of gross dog medical details**

I'm having a series of blood draws around ovulation this week. I've also been using OPKs, too, just too get a sense of what's going on. It was positive on Wednesday, but sometimes I've had two positives in a row, so I tested again yesterday. I waited the requisite four hours, peed on the stick, and waited. And nothing happened. I mean nothing happened! No liquid moved across the little window. It was the weirdest thing! I started second-guessing myself--I did pee on this thing, didn't I? So I grabbed another one . . . but I had nothing left! I pried the little stick apart, and apparently something was blocking the liquid from the little window, because as soon as I opened it up, I could see it wet the little strip in the window, but it didn't look like it usually does. So, I had to wait another four hours and try again. It's so goofy--in a normal day, I'm sure I go more than four hours without peeing, but tell me I can't pee for four hours, and it's all I can think about!


allyouwhohope said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dog! Poor thing.

Did your PCOS cause you not to ovulate in the past? Just curious, because that's apparently what's happening with me. And I know what you mean about peeing! It's so psychological! It's the same thing with this medication we're taking and not being able to eat. If you tell me I can't have food, that's all I'll think about!

Jen said...

I hope Wonderdog feels better soon.


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