Friday, May 9, 2008

Another update

I wrote a post about my reasons for not trying to impress people with their cooking, but I want to read that one over again before I post it. So here's another update on the infertility stuff. The doctor ordered a series of estradiol tests around ovulation to determine if I need letrozole. The first test falls tomorrow. Saturday!

My doctor's not available to do the blood test, so I started calling around to labs. Oh my gosh! You would think this was the weirdest request they've ever heard. The issue is that the sample's supposed to be sent to Omaha for analysis. Since my doctor's office is going to collect the other samples and mail them, it would just mean sending the sample to my doctor's office. One lab was pretty reasonable. They said I could bring the order and the shipping package, they could provide the tube, and I could ship the sample myself. But it turns out that my insurance doesn't cover that lab! The lab my insurance does cover wanted a kit and insisted on shipping it themselves. Which means I'd need to pay for shipping to get the sample to my doctor's office on Monday morning . . . when I will be there myself for another blood draw. Argh!

So, I called my doctor's office, and the staff members weren't sure what to recommend. I figured that, if they had a kit for me to pick up, I'd better get there before 5. And if they didn't have a kit for me to pick up, I'd beg for a blood draw today--after all, it would only be one day off. So, I just drove to the office and got there about 15 minutes before they closed. They were so nice! Not that I was surprised by that--they're always great. They put together a kit for me, but then we needed to figure out how to get the sample sent to the local doctor's office instead of to Omaha. So, when the doctor was finished with his patient, he talked to me and suggested that I try the other NaPro doctor in the area (I know, it's an embarrassment of riches to have two within driving distance) to see if they could do a blood draw tomorrow. Since it wasn't yet closing time, he called the other doctor himself and got me set up for tomorrow morning. How much does my doctor rock?

Allyouwhohope asked a few questions, too! (And, allyouwhohope, I really need to e-mail you--I'm sorry I've been so slow!) I do have a diagnosis of PCOS. My surgery included an ovarian wedge resection, but I'm still receiving treatment for the hormone dysfunction. Much to my disappointment, when I was off treatment following the miscarriage, my hormone levels were not good. So, I'm still getting hCG injections on Peak+3, +5, +7, and +9 to stimulate my body to produce estrogen and progesterone. My ultrasounds (pre-surgery) didn't reveal any ovulation problems, but the one letrozole cycle I had was the one cycle I conceived. The antibiotics are intended to fix the brown bleeding I've had. I found out that the protocol is a full cycle of antibiotics in the first cycle, then antibiotics for the first 10 days of the following seven cycles. Only one more to go!

Well, we're going to watch a movie, so I should go!


allyouwhohope said...

Thanks for the info! Wow - two NaPro doctors is definitely a blessing. I'm glad it all worked out for your blood draw!

Jen said...

That is a good doctor! Hang on to that one!

JellyBelly said...

you're so lucky! our napro doctor is not the most convenient to get to and there's always quite a wait.

last month when i was getting bloodwork and internal ultrasounds done i had a very hard time finding a u/s clinic that would do the internals for me. my doc usually refers her patients to a big catholic hospital in the city, but going there was not an option. i had to call more than ten places to even get booked!

btw, i'm going to include you in my blogroll. :)

FloridaWife said...

I hope this protocol works. I'll pray for you for success and good news soon.


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