Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two minute update

Still dealing with the after-effects of the stomach bug (i.e., giving the kids probiotics and very gently adding foods back into their diets). Went back to work yesterday. Realized today that I missed the deadline for returning the used potty to A.ma.zon. Argh!!! I could just cry about that. My first day back was fine, except that I forgot I wore a coat in the morning . . . which would not have been a big deal if my car keys weren't in the pocket. Forty minutes, two ransackings of my office, and a twenty minute walk to check whether they were in my car out in the parking lot later, I remembered that it had been cool in the morning. I got home 45 minutes late. Thank God for our heaven-sent babysitter!

And now I will crash!


Little JoAnn said...

I hate it when I miss return deadlines! I know exactly what you mean. Then you are stuck with something in your house you don't want! So true. Get better to all, fast, fast, fast. Love the descriptions in this post. Feel better soon!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Glad to hear the bug is about gone. That is just hell on earth!! Can you sell potty on ebay or shoot, on your blog???


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