Monday, March 14, 2011

Round three

We're back for round three of this stomach bug. Three times in a month! Sarah had it last week, and Nick came down with it this morning. No fun. I'm praying that we'll be done with it this time. I go back to work on Monday. Thank goodness I took my belated maternity leave when I did--the kids have been sick ridiculously often, school was cancelled due to cold (that's a first around here), the sewer backed up twice, and we had the whole mercury-thermometer fiasco. I'm so glad I wasn't trying to really work during this whole time!

And hallelujah, we're having our sewer line replaced tomorrow! It's been a huge problem for years, but it will be fixed tomorrow! Mr. X went to today, and I asked him to buy a case of toilet paper--the cloggier the better. We've been buying RV toilet paper for years in the hopes it would be easy on our temperamental sewer pipe.

The guys came by and dropped off the trackhoe (according to Mr. X--the kids and I just call it a "digger truck") this afternoon. I had taken Sarah for a walk before lunch while Nick was napping on Mr. X's lap this morning, and we kept an eye out for the truck, which was supposed to arrive at any time. I asked her, "Do you see the digger truck yet?" She said, "No! Scary." I just love that she can tell me how she feels now. So we talked about how trucks can be kind of scary, but we'd just watch this one through the window inside our house, and she seemed to feel a bit better about it. When the truck finally arrived, the noise woke her up from her nap, and sure enough, she insisted that she didn't want to look at the truck. About a half-hour later, she decided to look out the window, and then when Mr. X got home from the store, he took her outside to touch it. Then she was just beside herself with delight over the truck, and she was thrilled to show it to Nick once he woke up from his nap.

And my neighbor and I walked our dogs together tonight! Oh my goodness. I think this was the third time I've hung out with a friend alone (without kids) since Sarah was born almost 20 months ago. I think I need to do that much more often.

So, tonight I get my first hCG injection since October 2008. I can't BELIEVE how much less expensive it was to order it through Kubat Pharmacy in Omaha than it was to buy it from a pharmacy in town. Seriously, it was a third the cost at the cheapest of the six places I tried here. Back in 2008 (and 2007, and 2006) our insurance covered it, but now we changed insurance plans, and so I have to pay full price.

Anyway. Enough of my rambling! (Note to self: work on writing skills. It is bad to end posts like this.)

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