Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fish oil again

I just have to say that Sew Infertile and Finding Joy in Every Journey were so right about the N.ord.ic Nat.ur.als! After being a big slacker with my fish oil, I went and bought some yesterday. I got the kind that's mostly DHA (since that's what pregnant women need most, according to what I've read), and all I taste is strawberry! Yay! Also, the recommendations I found were for about half the dosage recommended on the bottle, so this one bottle will last me three months.


Sew said...

No to be the bearer of bad news now that you found the greatest thing on earth! :) I love fish oil! Everything about it!

I noticed mine gets a little foul smelling around 3 months. :) So just incase you sense that, mine does the same thing. :) Just chuck it and get some more. :)

Did you get the liquid or gel caps?

Jen said...

My husband takes fish oil and doesn't like his. I'll have to remember this!


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