Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pregnancy Update *Updated*

On Saturday, we officially made it to 12 weeks! I'm so grateful! We've started telling people, and we told a lot of friends and family over Christmas. We were on our own for Christmas, so we told a lot of people over the phone. Everyone's been very happy for us, which is really touching. My least favorite reactions have been along the lines of "people always get pregnant as soon as they start the adoption process." I know everyone means well, and so I gently explain that my treatment can take a long time to be effective, that we really want to adopt, not just as a second choice . . . the whole deal.

The progesterone test results have been really good, too! According to the graph on the PPVI site, the average levels of progesterone start at 22.4 in week 4 and rise to 30 in week 10. Mine started at 13.8 in week 4 and went up to 37.2 in week 10! I was so excited! The doctors reduced my dosage from the maximum to the minimum in week 8, when my level was good, and so I was a little worried that it might drop again because of the reduced dosage. But it looks like my body's kicking into gear! Hooray! If the levels stay high, I might be able to stop the progesterone treatment as early as week 16!

Other than that, thank you very much for the fish oil advice! I'm going to try a brand we have at home that is enteric-coated (so the coating isn't supposed to dissolve until it hits your intestines, hence giving no after-taste), and if it doesn't work, I think Nordic Naturals will be my next stop. I'm feeling pretty good, but this cold is throwing me for a loop. I had to sing for 7:30 and 12:30 masses today, so I got up for the 7:30, came home and slept until the 12:30, and then I felt like sleeping again when I got home! I'm fighting it at the moment, though. And I am having the worst time kicking the darn y.e.a.s.t infection that I came down with in October! I've done two 7-day courses of clotrimazole to treat it, and I just started a third, plus probiotics. In between, my doctor prescribed a topical antibiotic in case it was bacterial (don't worry--all medications are approved by the doctor, and nothing more than a category B), but it just seemed to intensify the y.e.a.s.t infection symptoms. Anyone have any good ideas?

We've been trying to get more exercise, too. The doctor who did my ultrasound recommended walking two miles a day, so we finally drove several routes around our neighborhood, since we have no idea how far we normally walk. For the last three days, we've walked 2-2.5 miles every day, and we're trying to get an average time figured out so that we can estimate the distances on the trail that we walk, too. I'm starting to grow out of my clothes, too. I have two decent black skirts, and one of them fit me like a sausage casing the week before Christmas. So, I wore the other black skirt to absolutely everything that required a skirt for the rest of the week. I wore it for Christmas Eve mass, and the waistband just about cut off my circulation when I sang. I've gained about 6 pounds (when I last checked--I really need to buy a scale), which I think is OK. My doctor didn't comment on my weight gain, so I think it must be fine.

The final question of the day is this. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday morning. I meant to cancel it, but with all the crazy traveling and Christmas stuff, I completely forgot. Should I go? My doctor said they're really just looking for birth defects at this point, and from what I can read, it seems that the tests are not at all conclusive. My doctor said it's really not needed and that the 20-week ultrasound will be much more informative. He also says the 12-week ultrasound doesn't pose any added risk, but just isn't necessary. I feel bad canceling at the last minute (again), but I really don't want the worry of inconclusive results about birth defects, when I really am not aware of anything we could do at this point to treat them. I'm not crazy about the idea of unnecessary worries about things that I would be powerless to change. What do you think?

Updated to add--that would be a big no on the fish oil. Enteric-coated my foot. Nasty fish taste.

I think we are going to go ahead with the ultrasound after all. I did a little searching on in-utero surgeries (oh my goodness, they can do amazing things!) and we decided we'd like to know if there's a major physical problem that could be fixed before birth. I do totally agree with what Maggie said in the comments, though--I really want to avoid anything that will make me crazy, so I still have some mixed feelings. I'll post tomorrow with the results!


maggie said...

Congrats on 12 weeks! It must be fun telling everyone now.

We didn't do any of those tests, but only because I am an Ignorance is Bliss kind of girl. Especially when results are inconclusive and/or you wouldn't do anything about them anyway. I have a friend who is all about being prepared and I totally get that, but it would have just made me crazy. I am a big fan of not being crazy.

a thorn in the pew said...

Yeah, I am so happy for you! God bless.

Vent-ilation said...

I started the Nord.ic Nat.ural fish oil pills -- "lemon coated" --about a week ago. So far so good, no icky tastes or burps. I found them at G.N.C.

Fight The Good Fight of Faith said...

I'm so excited and happy for you! I'm glad it's all going well! Hooray for high progesterone! Let us know how your U/S goes. It's another chance to look at your little one :)

Life In Mazes said...

Woo Hoo - week twelve. How very exciting, even if you are growing out of your clothes. I can't think of a better reason to have to go shopping. I once had recurrent yeast infections when I was not pregnant and was told to take acidophilis pills from a health food store or it comes in yogurt. See if your doctor approves of this. I hope I spelled it correctly. Good luck with your u/s, I hope that it brings you much peace.

Sew Infertile said...

Yes, I say start with one pill of lemon coated nordic naturals. Then work your way up. :) The pill doesn't give as much nutrients as the liquid form but it will do!

Congrats on 12 weeks! I am glad to see I am not the only one that Updated, Updated today! :)

Beth said...

I didn't read this post until your update, but I was going to tell you to go ahead and go to the u/s. They won't find anything and you'll get to see your baby! I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks this time and it was amazing! You could see the whole face, hands, feet, spine, legs, everything! They also told me it was a girl then, which was WRONG! So if they tell you anything, don't necessarily believe it :)

Jen said...

Yeah! I can't believe you are twelve weeks already!

I always liked all the ultrasounds that they would give me because I liked to check on the baby to make sure it was okay. It was always so reassuring to see an alive baby that was growing nicely.


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