Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mystery of the Day

Thanks for asking, Sew Infertile. :) I am still here. Here's the latest from our house!

Baby things seem good. The doctor was able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler earlier this week when I went in for a blood draw--it was only 8 weeks 3 days, so that's pretty much the earliest it's possible with the doppler. I'm having tons of symptoms, for which I'm grateful--I'm going to try to remember to offer up any discomfort for all my friends who are waiting. I'm not throwing up, which is nice, but I get nauseated off and on, mostly around dinner time. I told Mr. X that last night, and he made dinner after he got home from work (not that that is an unheard-of event, but I didn't have to work yesterday, and I feel like I should be on top of dinner if he had to work and I didn't). Oh, and I did make it to adoration yesterday, as Jeremiah 29:11 suggested!

I have another ultrasound tomorrow (which is 8 weeks 6 days). I'm trying not to be overly anxious, but I scheduled the ultrasound tomorrow and another for 12 weeks 2 days. When I had the last ultrasound, the doctor (not my usual doctor, whose office doesn't have an ultrasound) said I "wasn't out of the woods" which I knew, but then said he likes to see a good ultrasound and heartbeat at 8 weeks and 12 weeks. So, I asked, "well . . . then, should I have 8 week and 12 week ultrasounds?" And he said "How nervous are you?" And the thing is, I don't think I'm that nervous. I think having a miscarriage showed me that, no matter whether I do everything right, this is ultimately in God's hands, and I can't control what's going to happen. But, at the same time, I want to know what's happening.

And--here's the other news--we're going on a 10-day trip to on Saturday. I know! I'm excited but actually quite nervous. The doctors said yes to the trip, provided everything was going well. So, I want that ultrasound tomorrow so that I know everything's OK. If it's not, I won't be getting on that plane. I'm nervous because of the long trip, not knowing how I'll do with food there, all of that stuff. I actually have my second appointment with my regular doctor the day after I return, so he'll be able to check the heartbeat.

So, I'm trying not to be too paranoid about things.

Here's another random thing. Wonderdog is a very good dog (as her name suggests). I've had her for a little over six years, and counting the incident in September, she has peed on things in the house three times (each time it was a bed, but only once did she actually get the mattress). Then, about a month ago, she peed on the futon in the family room (where I had been napping for the previous couple of days). On Sunday night, when I was up late working, I walked across the bedroom before going to sleep and stepped in a puddle. She peed on the bedroom floor, right where she sleeps! I cleaned it up and went to bed. Then, yesterday, I forgot to close the bedroom door when I showered, and when I came back to the bedroom, she had peed on the floor again (a few feet from the last spot). What the heck? Here are the possible explanations we've come up with:

1. Urinary tract infection (I'm going to try to get a sample--doesn't that sound like fun?--and take it to the vet)
2. Reaction to changes (we just had the bathroom next to the bedroom tiled--though, if you've been reading for a while, you know we've been renovating this house FOREVER--and we had company over Thanksgiving)
3. Reaction to pregnancy (the last three incidents were all in places where I'd been sleeping--well, not on the floor, but in the bed--and I know that dogs can smell hormone changes and can behave oddly when their owner is pregnant)

If you have pets, what do you think?


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

That IS odd... my 2 male dogs are pretty good with the holding in the pee, thing. We have had a few diarrhea accidents with the younger one when he was a puppy, though (not his fault).

BUT, if household pets are all the same, I did go through this with 1 female cat several yrs ago. She had been peeing on my DH's clothes (before we were married and he would just leave piles of clothes all over the place), and then continued to do it on clothing items itermittently after we got married. We took her to the vet, and she did NOT have a UTI, but he said she probably did have one yrs ago when it started. Now, it had become behavioral. So she was put on prozac. I shit you not. It worked!

I think your 3 top suspicions sound very, very likely. I'd take wonderdog to the vet just in case it is a UTI, though. But she could just be trying to get your attention, too- with the pg, maybe you have unwittingly been paying a little less attention to her?

Beth said...

My cat has been acting weird since I got pregnant. Like trying to drape herself all over my face!

LifeHopes said...

Ha ha! Poor wonderdog.

I am not sure about the pregnancy thing, but I'd definitely check the UTI suspicion.

I HATE UTIs! And if they are as painful for dogs and cats as they are for humans, no wonder they are resorting to peeing everywhere to get your attention.

And I also wanted to say how excited and thankful that I am that all is well for your pregnancy so far.

WOW! A heartbeat! Did you cry?

I am praying things continue to go well.

Hafsa said...

the beautiful sound of a heartbeat and wow Hong Kong! How exciting, but I too would be nervous as heck being pg.

Sew Infertile said...

Hong Kong! What are you going to do in Hong Kong?!

Glad you are back! The dog seems to sense change on the horizon! :) How wild!


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