Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My poor nose

On Friday, I was having a very hectic day at work. I was running late thanks to the progesterone- (and pregnancy-) induced exhaustion, and went dashing from one meeting to another. Finally, the third meeting had to be moved from one room to the room next door. I ran to the originally scheduled room and wrote a note for anyone who might arrive late, and turned to dash back to the new room . . . forgetting the brick wall to my right.

I ran into a brick wall. Literally. And it hurt. A lot. I must have screamed (not to mention the loud thump as I hit the wall), and the four people already in the meeting came running. I had mashed my nose pretty well, and it started bleeding profusely. Fortunately, everyone was really nice about it and ran around finding ice packs and toilet paper and stuff. I freaked out about (a) being pregnant--what do they do for a broken nose? Will I need an x-ray? Medication? and (b) having to go on stage in the opera that night.

I sat through the first presentation, with my glasses off and an ice pack on my nose. When the first presenter finished, she said, "Charlotte, are you OK? Are you getting dizzy?" and one of the others turned to me and said "You know, Charlotte, this meeting really isn't that important." So I left. I called my HMO and made the mistake of saying "I was running around AT WORK and ran into a wall . . . " After transferring me three times, they came back and said "Oh, since this happened at work, you need to call your employer because this should be covered under workman's comp." Seriously? I have to call HR now and tell THEM that I ran into a wall and that the company would have to pay for it?

I waited until my regular doctor's office was back from lunch (they are not part of the HMO) and called. They told me that unless my nose was crooked, they wouldn't do anything for it even if it was broken (I had pretty much decided now that it wasn't), so icing it was the best option. So I decided to call it a day, went home to bed, and put an ice pack on my nose.

That was my big adventure of the weekend. So far this week, I've had my first OB appointment (all looks fine so far). Tomorrow, I have the first ultrasound. If things are going well, we should be able to see a heartbeat. Here goes . . .


LifeHopes said...

I can't tell you how excited I am about this ultrasound!!!

Please please post!

Oh and sooo sorry about your nose! I am glad things seem to be okay. This will be a funny story in only a few days time!

Jen said...

Oh, your poor nose. Once, I ran into a huge metal pole. I mainly took out my lip and chin though. It was embarassing.

Good luck at the ultrasound! I'll keep my fingers crossed all day.

JellyBelly said...


a kid in grade 8 ran into me during a recess soccer game and i had to fill out a ton of paperwork. i felt like a total dweeb when i called the VP about the accident. there was no blood though and i just limped back to class.

good luck at the ultrasound!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Oh no! Ya know what I'd do? Just call your insurance back again and say that you said you were running TO work. I once made the mistake of telling the insurance that my surgery (before it happened) was for infertility. Then she told me I had a $5,000.00 lifetime limit, and I called back later and never used that word again! You can always say you misunderstood them when they asked you AT work.


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