Friday, October 31, 2008


So, I wrote that post on Monday and then went to give myself an injection . . . and realized that the syringes I picked up at the pharmacy that day had no needles!

It's been more than two years since I started with the hCG injections, so I went digging through my nightstand and found three needles that I was given the first time I had the prescription filled. The reason I hadn't used them is that they were 1" long, instead of 1/2" long, like the others I've used. At the time, my doctor said either length was fine . . . so, of course, I chose the short needles! It took me a long time to give myself that injection with the long needle on Monday.

I needed my last injection on Wednesday, but I realized on my way to rehearsal that evening that I had forgotten to go back to the pharmacy for more needles! Fortunately, Mr. X was home from his business trip by then, so he got to do the last injection with a long needle.

But, seriously, how is it that the pharmacy would fill my refill on syringes and not give me any needles? What do they think I'm going to do with needle-less syringes?


Beth said...

Oh that is frustrating!! Wow you are my hero to give yourself the shots! When i had to get my lupron shots I had to go find friends to do it b/c my husband would NOT do it - plus it was an intramuscular injection, so I think I was supposed to find a trained person. I used my friends who were nurses for the first two, then for the third one I was speaking at a leadership class at my old Catholic elementary school on the day I was supposed to get it. So I asked the school nurse to shoot me up in the butt (oh how fun.) She did it in the teacher's lounge and the principal (a dominican nun) walked in right when she was doing it! Then the nurse said "Well, I haven't done that in 36 years!" Nice! :)

JellyBelly said...

i had the same problem this cycle with the lack of needles! my hubby picked up my HCG and for some reason the pharmacist didn't sell him needles. lucky for me i found some extras from my first prescription. then right before my last needle on wednesday we realized (at 10:30pm) that we didn't have any more needles! argh! lucky for us there's a pharmacy open until midnight just down the road.

argh. not only do we have to subject ourselves to needles, but silly pharmacists too!

Jen said...

The pharmacy always forgets things like that for us too. I picked up two prescriptions for my husband once and got home to find only one in the bag. Once they gave us someone else's prescription as well as our own too.

Echloe said...

You are one brave lady. That one inch needle does not sound fun at all.


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