Friday, October 3, 2008

St. Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted. Why is time moving so fast?

So, it's CD6 right now. I'm very excited that I'm getting tested this month for adrenal function (just like This Cross I Embrace!). I had my first blood draw for cortisol yesterday, and I got a flu shot while I was at it. (I had my flu shot last winter the day of my last hCG test with good results during my pregnancy--the test three days later showed that my hCG had dropped. Even though I know there's no evidence of a connection, I can't help associating them, so I wanted to get a shot early this season, when I know I'm not pregnant. Irrational? Yes, definitely, but it makes me feel better.)

I realized that I hadn't talked about this fantastic article I came across! It's the first peer-reviewed article that presents the findings of a study on NaPro Technology, and it's very cool! The study was done at a clinic in Ireland, and I believe the doctors there were not using surgical techniques yet, so the treatment patients received was medical only. It was very cool! In the first 24 months, there was a 53% live birth rate. What's even more striking to me is that 47.2% of their patients had a previous diagnosis of unexplained infertility, but after their NaPro evaluation, only 0.5% were still unexplained! How cool is that? Actually having a diagnosis seems so much better to me than wondering what the cause could be.

Well, that's all for now--I'm off to get some sleep!

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