Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Try This at Home

Well, you might want to try this at home, but I hope you don't have cause to. I was coming upstairs today and saw Wonderdog standing at the top of the stairs gagging. I freaked out Mr. X by yelling and throwing the armload of binders I was carrying on the floor. I grabbed the dog's collar and got her out the back door, but she didn't actually throw up. So, I spent a few minutes outside petting her (I freaked her out, too) before I went back inside.

She had already thrown up. On the bedroom carpet. Again.

And Mr. X had this brilliant idea. After we scooped up as much as we could with a (disposable, of course) plastic plate cut in half and then blotted up some of the liquid, he just poured hydrogen peroxide on it. It took the stain out completely! Then we blotted it, rinsed with water and blotted a couple of times, and the odor was gone, too. I was amazed.

Of course, we should have checked to make sure the carpet was colorfast first, but we don't tend to spend the time on those steps . . .

So, that's my random household tip of the day.

And I realized that yesterday was my blogoversary. Yay!


Jen said...

Happy Blogoversery!

I will have to get some hydrogen peroxide. I always end up scrubbing and scrubbing.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Wow! Hydrogen peroxide... that is pretty cool! I think I will try that sometime... seeing as I have 5 pets that are continually hacking things up. (Luckily the 6th, the chinchilla, limits her excretions to her cage.)
I love Nature's Miracle, too- I think you'd like that.
Happy Blogoversary!

LifeHopes said...

Great tip! I will remember this when we get to our new home!


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