Friday, February 29, 2008


Tonight I tried to cook fish. I am not a big fish-eater, having grown up far from the ocean. I thought all fish came in the form of patties or sticks, and if I drowned it in enough tartar sauce, it wasn't too bad. The first time I ate battered shrimp, I told my mom I liked the outside (the breading), but not the hard part inside (the actual shrimp).

I've branched out a bit as an adult, but only started cooking fish in the last year or so. Tonight we had whiting. I baked it. It tasted pretty fishy. We ended up eating what we could and then going to McDonald's, where I ate my annual filet-o-fish.


Jen said...

I do not like fish much at all. It has to be hidden if I am going to eat it. My husband likes all fish, including salmon, the most disgusting of all the fishes.

Ma Beck said...

Wendy's has a new fish sandwich that my husband keeps telling me about.
I think it's going away after Lent, but he says it looks really good on the commercials.

Beth said...

You know, I used to really be opposed to fish, but we've kind of developed a taste for it.

Here's my favorite way to cook it. Get some salmon. Then put some soy sauce, honey, orange juice, maybe some garlic and ginger in a freezer bag and put the fish in there for about 1/2 hour. Then put it under the broiler and cook 5-7 minutes till it's done (depending on the thickness.) The sauce gets all sugary and carmelized - it's delicious! We usually serve it with some kind of rice and broccoli roasted with olive oil and garlic. This meal is pretty much on the weekly rotation we love it so much!


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