Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maybe Kick-boxing (Sport of the Future)

I'd been starting to wonder a bit if it was normal that I wasn't feeling the baby move. I had had a couple of moments over the last few weeks (and really just a couple) when I thought maybe I was feeling movement. But when it happens once and then not again for a week, it's really hard to say!

Yesterday, I was working at my computer and, in the back of my mind, I noticed a muscle twitch near my belly button. Then it occurred to me that maybe that wasn't a muscle twitch after all! I looked down, just in time to see a little tiny bit of my sweater jump! Now that I can identify that feeling, that baby's really going to town in there! Mr. X is still on his business trip, so I called and told him, and we're trying to figure out what this baby's up to. He, of course, believes we have a future soccer player on our hands, but I think we may have a swimmer practicing flip turns.

Just a few more days till the ultrasound! Once we know the sex of this baby, I think we'll need to really get serious about names. We've tossed a few around, and we generally have the same sort of taste in names (generally good, solid names with family connections). Mr. X has a lot of great suggestions, and some I'm . . . not as crazy about (Melchizedek? Really?), but I have plenty that he's not crazy about (but, of course, all of my suggestions are lovely and completely reasonable :-> ). We're both fairly convinced that the in-utero baby is a girl. I'm not entirely sure why, but it was confirmed by an expert last week--the saleslady at T.J.M.a.x.x.

So, before I left for my business trip, we made an emergency shopping trip to said store, because I read in Baby Bargains that they're a good choice for maternity clothes. I had exactly one hour to shop, and, never having shopped for maternity clothes before, I never realized that our local T.J.M.a.x.x doesn't have a maternity section. Great. I asked the lady behind the jewelry counter, and she said, no, they didn't carry maternity clothes, but I should be able to find something that works. So. Mr. X and I started looking and found some dresses and tops in styles that might conceivably work. I tried on a cute red knit dress. It fit really well, had an empire waist, and was gathered in the front, so it would have worked . . . except for the plunging neckline that made it totally inappropriate for work or church, the two main places I might need to wear a dress.

I came out of the dressing room to show him anyway (hey, at least my husband can appreciate the low neckline, right?), and ended up standing right in front of the jewelry counter. The same lady was standing there and said she liked the dress. Then, she said "So, you're having a girl." I said "Really." She turned to Mr. X and said, "Oh, yes, because she has a derriere! Look! See how it sticks out?" Uh-huh. OK . . . so, we talked about the dress a little more, and whether we could do anything about the neckline to make it more appropriate. The lady said, "Turn around!" And, silly me, thinking she wanted to see the back of the dress, I did. She pointed. "There! See? See her derriere?" Oh my goodness, lady, this is not how to sell clothes! Don't point at a woman's behind in the middle of T.J.M.a.x.x!

We did not buy the dress, but, just as panic was setting in, Mr. X found me two very nice tops in the blouse section, and I had something decent to wear on my business trip.

(By the way, I haven't been writing about adoption stuff really at all. It's not because I'm not excited about it or because it's not going well. Actually, things are going quite well, but I'm so nervous that it won't work out! I'm writing everything down both so that I can post it here later and so that I can share it with our baby once he's old enough to hear about it, but I just can't bring myself to write about it publicly right now because it feels too risky. So, I decided that, for the time being, I'll write about what's going on with our other baby and anything else I feel the urge to write about! Any further public discussions with strangers regarding my rear end will probably be on that list.)


Life In Mazes said...

At least she used a nice word for your back side. A girl will be so fun. I have lots of friends who find great maternity clothes at Ros.s, Mar.shall's, Tar.get, and Koh.l's. Maybe there is something for you at one of these stores. I just think it is fun to be able to shop for maternity clothes.
Good luck with the adoption, I believe that God has great plans for your family. How fun to feel your baby kick and move around within your womb. I think of Mary and Elizabeth when I thing of a baby leaping in the womb of their mother! Blessings to you and your family :)

Jen said...

Everyone has an opinion about what kind of baby it is. You'll go crazy.

My favorite maternity clothes came from Sears. Target's were good, but they showed wear and tear sooner (but I liked their styles better) and JC Penney clothes were okay too. Burlington Coat Factory clothes only fit for the first ten minutes.

Hafsa said...

LMAO about the saleslady. I would be cringing likie whoa! How exciting that must be and feel to have that baby kicking away. And I'm glad you found some clothes to wear, I panic about finding clothes in a hurry as well, and I'm not even pg.

Beth said...

My kid is kicking me SO HARD!!!

I think with Madeleine I wrote about her playing soccer or kickboxing too! HA! The kid has NO coordination :)

Kim said...

I would like to know what goes through a person's mind just before they decide it is perfectly acceptable to discuss, and make gestures towards, a strangers rear end in public.

Sew said...

I think other peoples opinions are tiring. But I think new life gets everybody excited and that is how the let it out! :) Just my humble opinion.

You had those sheets! ha! I love it! I remember my grandmother having sheets in all these different colors. I can say they sure don't make sheets like that anymore! ;)

kcmarie122 said...

Hey There!

Quick question for you? I read back through your posts again and realized how your NaPro "protocol" seems quite similar to how mine potentially will go! I can't tell you how much hope it gives me that you eventually had success (however I know there's never any guarantees of course).

My question has to do with your latest BFP cycle...what did you use that time around? I know you tried several things before. So did you use Clomid or Letrozole/Femara that month? Were you still doing HCG injections or using any other medications/supplements?

By the way, you haven't posted about the sex of the baby yet! Did you have the ultrasound? We are dying to know here! :)


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