Monday, October 10, 2011

Toddler Sleep

Oh. My. Goodness.

So, Nick and Sarah went from a pretty good sleeping situation to craziness. I think it started with Sarah's two-year molars (still working on the last two of those). But the pattern has become that they party in their shared bedroom for at least three hours after we tuck them in. We have to make multiple visits to the room, each of them wets their pants at least once (intentionally), and so on. It's not unusual for them to be up until 11:30.

This has all happened in the last month. We've had a lot of changes with the school year starting, and we had gotten pretty lax about waking them up at the same time every day. Naps also got moved later, since we don't get home and settled after preschool till 2:00.

So, we are now waking them at 7 every day, and we (or the babysitter on duty) wake them from their naps by 4 if they're not already awake. They showed a little improvement, and it's been just about a week.

I went to a friend's wedding back home and was gone for two nights. Mr. X opened their bedroom door and monitored them last night, and tonight I'm on duty. It's been almost two hours. This is craziness!

I really wish we could move them into separate rooms, but I don't see that happening in the near future. The other two bedrooms are downstairs, have ceramic tile floors, and are in use as our home office and guest room. I would not be opposed to converting the guest room into a kid's room, but the distance from our room, the tile floor, and the fact that the door between the guest room and the office doesn't close make it unappealing.

Any ideas?? Really--anything??


Tridentine Wife said...

I'm sure this doesn't help but we are going through the same thing with the twins and they don't share the same room but still wake philly. Sigh I hope this phase ends soon

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, random lurker here. :) Put them in bed at seperate times; wait for the first to be asleep before you bring the second in. Or, put one to sleep on your bed/in a different room, and move them into their own bed after both kids are asleep. Shorten or move up the nap; exhaust them during the day; have very strict bedtime routines (both what takes place and at what time). Hope that helps! Emily


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