Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, so much for that resolution!

Still working on the de-stressing thing . . . not working out quite as well as I'd hoped!

Things are going along well, though. Our adoption paperwork is hung up in process right now, so I'm working on my patience! I'm already almost 31 weeks, too, which is kind of surreal. Every once in a while I have an "oh my goodness, this is really happening" moment. The doctor was able to tell that the baby is head-down at my appointment this week (hooray!), and last night at choir practice, she seemed to have decided her foot really needed to be lodged under my ribs, which makes singing quite interesting. My progesterone has been high for two tests in a row, so no injections!!

I really, really need to start working on the babies' room, though. It's still full of junk. Our kitchen and bathroom are fully functional, so I think it's time to move on to the baby prep. We've picked out furniture--finally settled on I.KE.A for cribs and dressers. Unfortunately, we live more than 8 hours from the nearest store, and shipping is outrageous! So, after wavering for ages about our last pre-baby vacation as a couple . . . we're going to drive to I.K.EA in our new minivan! Aren't we the most exciting people ever? Just so you know, our original plan (ages ago) was a month in Italy. With the uncertainty of the adoption timing, we scrapped that idea and opted for a cruise instead. I was just getting ready to click "buy now" for the cruise tickets when I read the fine print that no woman more than 24 weeks pregnant is allowed on a cruise ship (really glad I read that before clicking "buy now"). Then we were going to have a Florida Keys snorkeling trip, but booking the plane tickets using miles was getting a little crazy. So. We had much more thrilling plans originally, but I.K.EA it is!

OK, there are other attractions to the trip, we're not just going to I.K.E.A. We're looking forward to having a little road trip and relaxation. I think I'll turn off my cell phone, too. Or at least program special rings for people I'm willing to pick up for. The only hitch in the plan so far is that I called customer service at IK.EA today, and they will not hold merchandise or let you order to the store. I guess we just have to hope our cribs and dressers are in stock!

So, that is the latest update, and in the interest of reducing stress, here is something that made me laugh out loud today.


Life In Mazes said...

Wow, 31 weeks! You are going to have so much fun setting up the nursery. I love IKEA and can spend hours there. Hope you both can enjoy your trip and get lots of relaxation and bonding time!

Jen said...

Elizabeth kicked me so hard in the ribs so many times that I told her I would get her back when she was born. And I do poke her in the ribs now as revenge.

I would take a vacation to IKEA.

JellyBelly said...

i went to i.kea today. i love it there. i could spend DAYS just wandering around!

Sirena said...

I found your blog when I was web searching under "letrozole" and nfp. My husband and I are also trying to build our family through adoption and nfp-napro-fertility treatments. Your journey has given me hope-thanks for sharing. :) May God bless your growing family!



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