Sunday, March 29, 2009

5:30am = Bad time for phone to ring

I just finished some work for a deadline tomorrow! Yay!

That reminded me . . . last week, I was happy when my employer used the emergency notification system (on which I have registered our home phone, my cell, and Mr. X's cell) to let us know that we were closed for the day due to weather conditions. All of our phones rang simultaneously at 6am. But that seemed appropriate.

The next day, all of our phones rang, in sequence, beginning at 5:30am. The recording said that the weather was fine (which I knew) and that we would be open for the day (which I would assume unless I got a call saying otherwise). The result was that I stumbled sleepily around the house, turning off phones and muttering nasty things.

I'm hoping for no phone calls before 8am tomorrow!


Jen said...

Whomever had our phone number before we moved here registered it for the local elementary school's emergency phone system. So we get those calls at 6:00am.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

We need more updates from you, little lady!! How are you? How is baby girl X? I don't want your next update to be pictures of your newborn!!


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